Why We Are Different

We Model Experiential Learning Online

Learning online with DYLEP is interactive and fun. DYLEP integrated World Learning’s commitment to experiential learning, to “learn through reflection on doing,” into the digital space. During the program, participants practice their leadership skills by navigating challenging scenarios, and then reflect on their experiences through dialogue with their peers.

We Offer Safe Spaces for Small Group Conversations

Even though DYLEP reaches hundreds of participants, we always group every five participants with an expert facilitator, for them to engage in dialogue online. In dialogue, participants discuss various topics, including: their hopes and fears, gender norms and expectations, and stereotypes and bias.

We Build Global Competency Skills for the Future

DYLEP participants engage in activities that constantly require them to utilize skills that are needed in the workforce for the future. Through small-group activities, participants practice collaborative problem solving and intercultural communication – especially important in our increasingly globalized world.