Similar to DYLEP participants, DYLEP staff work in cities all over the world! A few staff members work from World Learning’s Washington DC office, whereas DYLEP facilitators can be found in cities around the U.S. and Iraq, as well as Jordan and Germany!

World Learning DC Staff


Jenn is the Program Officer for DYLEP at World Learning. Prior to World Learning, she made educational games and was a high school history teacher! She loves working with youth, and learning about politics, and new technologies. Jenn has a M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.Sc. from Gerogetown University.


Haley is a Program Associate for DYLEP. She has developed and facilitated youth leadership programs with Georgetown University, Jesuit Refugee Service in Jordan, and the U.S. State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard University’s Center for Arabic Study Abroad.


Rizwaan is the Manager of Iraqi Youth Programs at World Learning. In this role, he oversees leadership and cultural exchange programs for Iraqi and American high school and undergraduate students. Rizwaan has a M.A. in International Education from the SIT Graduate Institute and a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



A.J. attended IYLEP in 2016. He lived in Vermont his entire life and attended a small school of just over 200 students. His favorite pastime is talking about politics and next year he will be studying political science at Brown University. He hopes to continue creating cultural unity and making a tangible impact on the world through DYLEP.


Athraa is from Basra, Iraq. She participated in IYLEP in 2014. Athraa has a B.Sc. in biology and also works as a translator and relations administrative in an Italian company in Basra. She likes reading, playing and watching sports (volleyball, tennis and football), listening to music, and spreading hope.


Fadhil is from Babil, Iraq, and his nickname is Flfl, which means pepper in Arabic! He is a coffee addict and that addiction has inspired him to prepare some very good coffee! He participated in IYLEP 2016 and is thankful to it for providing him with some opportunities he never imagine he would get.


Hasan is a high school student from Basra (which he adores). He is also a bookworm, a writer, a programmer and a translator. He loves social activities. He’s always very excited to meet new people and enthusiastic to work with them! Hasan is an alumnus of IYLEP 2016.


Ibrahim is an alumnus of IYLEP 2014. He is a portrait artist and movies addict. He is also a first year med student and already in love with medicine, and an old soul who loves old things. He is trying to do his best to make even the smallest change in the world.


Kavi loves positivity, socializing, smiling, dreaming, and spreading happiness, which pretty much make up her whole personality and life! If she had to relive one of the many experiences in her life, it definitely would be IYLEP, because what she learnt from IYLEP was more than all she has learnt her entire life.


Mason lives in the small city of Vergennes, Vermont. He tries to help his community as much as possible, whether it be through civic engagement or helping local small businesses. He is also an IYLEP 2016 alumnus. IYLEP never ends and he hopes to keep that statement true for DYLEP as well.


Nora is a proud 2016 IYLEP alumni from Chicago, Illinois. Nora loves to read, write, and dabbles in some art and photography. Next year, she will be attending New York University to study environmental science and journalism. She can’t wait to explore New York City and meet people from all over the world.


Noor is an IYLEP alumna from 2014 and a facilitator at DYLEP for the second year, originally from Baghdad but now living and studying in Berlin. Moving to a new place did not stop her from getting involved with the community she is living in, while still also being involved with the community in Iraq through DYLEP and other projects.


Rachel is a 2015 IYLEP alumna and enjoys being involved in various social entrepreneurship projects. She is an intern at the Tulsa Global Alliance, where she works to increase the international community of her city. She also loves long books, podcasts, and peanut M&M’s!


Sally is currently double majoring in medicine and political science in the US. After IYLEP, her projects focused on linking Iraqi and American youth through pen-pal and study abroad programs. She also founded the student council at the Gifted Students School – Baghdad. Sally is a 2014 IYLEP alumna and a second year DYLEP facilitator.


Sara is from Baghdad but lives in Jordan. She is a DYLEP 2016 alumna. During DYLEP, she did project called The Lollipop Campagin, which is about giving people hope. She now volunteers in Jordan. Her rule in the life is “in order to fly you will fall down.” This means that we should not give up and try more than once in order to reach what we want.