Cornerstone of Building my Confidence


By Rojeena R. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

The first time I got involved with DYLEP after getting accepted as a DYLEP 2017 finalist was when we were working on the Lollipop Campaign. They were the first couple of days from the first module and we already started team working to accomplish change, and the Lollipop Campaign was only a start. They were these days and the motivating and inspiring people I worked with that made me realize I want to do more to build my country, because that’s where I find myself. Continue reading

Let’s Draw the Smile on Cancer Children in Karbala

By Ahmed E. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

First of all we should know that the humanity is coming first. In our community we have a lot of children have got a bad diseases like a cancer.

So we should draw the smile on their faces because it is one of our responsibilities because we are humans and the psychological treatment is one of the most important ways to get calm of the cancer. Continue reading

Rojeena’s Dialogue Group

Image uploaded from iOS (3)By Rojeena R. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

Before DYLEP, all I had were wishes that someday my community would get better, I always dreamt of a community where women are respected as much as men are, where no one’s abilities are underestimated, and where one is all and all is one, but I would never think that I can be a part of making that possible, so all I did was admire people who were at least trying to make a change, because it was something I hadn’t had enough courage to do. Continue reading

Sarah’s Back to School Campaign


Sarah delivering school supplies.

By Sarah O. (DYLEP 2017 Participant)

My theme during DYLEP was serving IDPs and refugees, I decided to focus on IDPs because it’s one of the biggest issues that we are facing here in Iraq. So from that I started studying more about their needs and worries. I chose education because I wanted a topic that I can relate to as a student myself, also because I believe that if you want to make a better generation you have to start from the kids themselves because they are the future of the society. However, since education problems for IDPs are hard to help solve in one project, I decided to take a branch of it which was school supplies since through it they can learn and study better, it’s like the base of the student. Continue reading