Re-Opening Our School Library

By Ali H. (DYLEP 2016 Participant) and Fadhil A. (IYLEP 2016 Participant)

We are two DYLEP and IYLEP 2016 alumni from Hillah. Our project is reopening the school library after 20 years of being officially closed!

We have made a team of four students from our school to help us implementing our project. We have done some renewal and renovation. We cleaned the 2000+ books which are already in the library and made them available to everyone. We got donation from our school students of over 60 books of different types and language from and the number of books is increasing!

Why we implemented our project:

  1. To raise awareness about the importance of reading among students.
  2. The school was so boring! So, it’s a place where students can spend their free time and get benefits as well.
  3. Since education is our weapon against terrorism, dishonesty and evil, so it’s our task to raise the educational level at our school toward a better, more beautiful and flourishing future.

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