The Lollipop Campaign

By Dania M. (DYLEP 2016 Participant)

We made our first step from the project that is called The Lollipop Campaign. We called this campaign in that name because of the assignment “Lollipop Enrichment” that we learned in DYLEP classroom.

It is awareness campaign, it also brings hope because we are in country need something like that need things to bring hope, need things to bring smile to our faces and our main goal of this project is bigger than this. DYLEPers whom made this project are Dania Monthir, Teba Ali, Sara Ayser, and Ibrahim Mohammad, but we do not forget that all DYLEPers help us and they post on Facebook to support us we did the campaign in 2/10 in Mall Al-Mansour. Ahmed Haddad was the photographer.

Our campaign was to write kind words that can bring hope to people and give them positive energy to make them smile, and put it in baloons with small flowers and we gave it to people to make them happy and it was so nice feelings when you see someone smiled because of you!

Special and big thanks for the other DYLEPers who helped us in this campaign: Ali Badr, Ali Haidar, Fadi Bajjaw, Noor Kamiel, Hussien Emad, Ahmed Safaa, Mina Kareem and Mena Mohammed. They all worked hard with us to make this campaign of the project successful.

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