My Story

By Ahmed A. (DYLEP 2016 Participant)


I don’t know how I’m supposed to describe the whole experience in just one paragraph because there are so many things to talk about but through this short story, I’ll try to explain to you how great it was to be part of this program and to be part of DYLEP’s family.



That’s what we call it.

DYLEP was definitely the best experience in my whole life because there are so many things that I have learned and there are so many amazing people that I have met and everyday I remember how lucky I am to meet those people.

DYLEP brought me together with the best young adults ever! The people I have met through this program are a big part of my life. You would probably don’t believe me but I’m speaking the truth. I can spend hours and hours just talking to them because I would never get bored and even sometimes we have different points of views but we always respect each other’s views and we always end up with having a very long discussion but we don’t really pay attention to the time because we don’t ever get bored.

This is literally how much we get along.

At the time when they announced that there’s a program called DYLEP, I thought what is DYLEP? I didn’t know that much about it but when I opened the link and when i saw the application I started to get more into it and from my previous experience with IYLEP I was a bit familiar with the idea of the program but this time I felt like DYLEP was better and I was right as you can see now!

We created a group for Iraqi participants and it’s like the way that most DYLEPers know each other because of that group we kept talking for weeks continuously and we never got bored. We had a lot of fun by knowing each other and discussing some important topics and we kept joking around and actually we still do that all the time. This is how active we are, no matter how much I describe it. It won’t be enough because we get along very well and that’s why we are so into this program and we cooperate with everything including the assignments like we put a lot of effort to do our best and to keep up with the program.

DYLEP is way way more than that. The amount of knowledge that I got from this program is tremendous. After doing so much assignment and after doing a lot of researches I became a lot more aware if what’s happening to the world.

I feel like I’m now connected to the world now .I know a lot about the global issues that are affecting the world right now. Those assignments and research taught me how to deal with them and we still have a lot of work to do but in general the improvements are really good to all of the participants, even for those who are not highly active. Our skills have also improved for example our communication skills, social skills, leadership skills and lastly our appreciation of diversity have improved very well and now we are like more open minded than ever. I think that now we are ready to make huge step like now we ready to work together in real life or online  to initiate a campaign or we can start and organization to solve some of the common problems in our community.

Now we know how to analyze a problem and how to plan for a solution and currently we are learning how to implement a solution. I forgot to mention how helpful the webinar were for us, through the webinars we learned so much about the world and because of them we know now more about the global issues and we learned about some topic that are considered sensitive.

Now I want to talk about the participants that I have met. To be honest the people I have met were literally the most amazing people in the world. They are so kind, smart, educated and all of them have different interests in various fields. Plus they are really educated and open minded and I’m so lucky that I applied to this program because without that choice I wouldn’t have met my best friend! Yeah this is how DYLEP affected my life. It literally changed everything to me! And I’m so happy to be with such awesome people!

Lastly, I want to let people who are going to apply next year for this program. You are probably doing the best decision in your whole life! You will never forget those four months because they are going to be the most amazing four months of your life!

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